Glasgow – Minus The Golden Gate Bridge, The San Francisco of Scotland

A bright sunny day in Scotland. There is a sentence no one thought they would ever type. Nevertheless, the sun was shining and our enthusiasm was booming. It was the first weekend after a busy inaugural week at Uni and boy were we looking forward to making best use of it. Since we were not residing in Glasgow, there was a short bus journey ahead and if we were to grab this bright sunny day ahead of us by its neck, it was important that we left early. The early bird does in fact catch the worm. What made it even more crucial was the fact that it was the day of the first Glasgow Derby back in the Scottish top flight. One does not need to be a football fan to know it would be only wise to avoid any of the Celtic-Rangers mobs.

But being students, one can’t really expect us to take the first bus out from Dundee, which is at unearthly hours like 6 AM. Who even wakes up at mid night for crying out loud. So we took the slightly early bus of 8:30 AM, which was quite a sweet deal at just £6 one way. Megabus – the gift that keeps giving, of course at the cost of a broken back bone and crippled legs, with the failed promise of free wifi. But budget travelling has its collateral damage. Its all part of the parcel.

Wading through the uncomfortable nature of the bus journey and the half sleepy state of our minds, at 10 AM, the bus arrived on time at Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow city center. After a short coffee break, we embarked upon the streets of Glasgow, leading up to George’s Square, going past the crowded Buchanan Galleries. This was the perfect place for a pit stop, we came across a Waffle shop right at the top of Buchanan Galleries – Definitely had better but friendly staff and filling meal for the price of £5.


Picture Credits – Fellow traveler in the group – Dani.

Remember, the early bird catches the worm? Looks like the birds really wanted to live up to the proverb. Definitely not the safest of welcomes to George Square, the pigeons in Glasgow seem to have an evil mind of their own and particularly like to pick on civilians, probably just had too much off the day drinking culture here. A wave of angry pigeons flew above us, constantly, but we stood our ground, showing the pigeons we have an equal right to stay at the wonderful spot that is St. George’s Square. The gamble of playing with out lives, led to the capturing of memories in the wonderful invention of the digital camera.


Picture Credits – Fellow traveler in the group – Dani.

After the pigeons gave up their fight in trying to conquer the square from the invasion of the tourists, we had a wonderful view of the Council Chambers. Which reminds me, The Counting House – One of the best pubs in Glasgow, is located right at the square and provides stunning views from its tables. Not quite shabby on the pricing too, you can get a pint of Strongbow Darkfruit for £2.50. Definitely, one of the poshest deals you could ask for at the heart of the booming city, especially when it is a Weatherspoons. Do check them out –

Although we did not drink at the pub this time round, obviously we were not Scottish enough to drink away right from the first rays of the sun, we headed down towards the Kelvingrove Museum. But the walking made us famished, we decided to stop for lunch.


The Kelvingrove museum, which is free for students – the best part of being a student in the UK. EVERY MUSEUM IS FREE. The museum is simply stunning. It is SO HUGE. And it is not like every other museum, with funny statues, ones you usually would not associate with a museum. (ELVIS SAYS HI)

Thank you, Dani once again for these pictures.

Once we got out of the museum, we decided to do some exploring of the parks and gardens nearby. Glasgow is filled with amazing walkways and you would never get tired of walking aimlessly in this city. The city really put an effort in to looking picture perfect.


This called for the Poloroid. B-)

After some dilly-dallying, we decided to go forth to the campus of the University of Glasgow. What came to light was that, Glasgow is simply identical to San Francisco’s streets. But coming back to the University, the place is just simply beautiful. Can easily be one of the prettiest university campuses to study in – to be fair though, where in the UK is not? The architecture was beyond doubt some of the most satisfying patterns. Really envy anyone who studies at this university just because of the campus and its location. The buildings could easily have been some of the shooting locations for Harry Potter. Maybe they were, one could easily testify for it, especially with the series’s rich history with the country.

But it was soon time to catch the bus back. The city had offered so much to trippers, especially with no extra expense than just food and transport. This is definitely a mainstream place to visit for an explorer, but it has all the thread work in place to be an explorer’s paradise. Definitely not the end of the trip though, we had one more adventure ahead.. commuting by the Glasgow Tube – Which looks like a train that was stolen from one of Disney’s theme parks – SO TINY. Barely enough space to stand. After using the Mumbai Metro, as an Indian, the tube reminded me of what it felt to be part of crowded city – PEACEFUL… in a weird way. Glasgow, I will definitely be back.


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