Lost Lomond and The Trossachs – Chapter 2

Hello there. I think I hit the snooze button for a LOOONG time. 5 months since I wrote anything. Nonetheless, I’m back now with lots to share.

So, after our eventful first night which you must have read about in Chapter 1 of the Lost Lomond series (if you’ve not, READ NOW. GO), we had our pleasant surprise in the morning with all the snow. A few good pictures and we were off to the Loch from our cottage in Loch Voil – A good hours drive through the picturesque district of Stirling. We drive through Callender and reached Lomond from the lake town of Balloch. We went to the Lomond Shores – a pretty popular and well signed area where people can park their cars and take a walk down to the lake. So yes, a mall + fun day out activity.

Here’s some pictures of this beauty, just what I imagined from the accounts of Tintin an Captain Haddock. Just needed some of his wonderful whisky to top it off, I’d say?

Taking in this beautiful view for a while, we decided to chill at the Maid of the Loch. A big boat that used to cruise tourists who were not skint like us, around the loch for a 45 minute trip. Now, its a restored restaurant, serving the most British items you can find on a menu – Fish & Chips, Lentil and Ham Soup and of course, what’s Scotland without some Haggis and Scotch. Take your pick. But, if you’re more of the adventurous types – might I suggest a popular kids animal, a favorite Disney character – Bambi aka Venison. Yes. They serve hot and fresh venison burger for £8 with freshly cut chips. We were more than just happy to breathe in the smell and head out to the deck. We topped our visit off with out own rendition of Titanic. *cue theme music*


Uhm.. Okay. Are you not entertained??

Well, perhaps I can safely tell you we just took the photograph at the right moment, they weren’t enacting out the sequence. Maybe they were? But are you ever going to find out???

After lunch at a small pub outside the McDonald’s, we drove down to Dumbarton. This is the home to Dumbarton castle, the point where the river Clyde meets Lomond and sets course for Glasgow. It is also home to the wonderful football stadium and the most dangerous tourist gangsta boys. #YouDontMessWithUs

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You came to the wrong hood. Or so we thought. Ultimately, the enthusiastic girls went along to explore and maybe click a few selfies, such as exhibit A:


Whereas we wasted about half hour of crucial daylight, watching Dumbarton FC play in the 2nd division of Scotland’s football leagues, with an amazing birds eye view of the stadium and the city.

But alas. It was time to head back to our hostel. Some of us went down earlier and prepared dinner. It was Indian night, so a friend and I made the group some delicious Butter Chicken and Rajma Masala. We munched on.. Played more Kemps and retired for the night with some good old Russian Standard Vodka – the most British version of it in Glens.

The next morning, we went down to Doune (Doon?). This small town is the home for Doon Castle, where Monty Python and Outlander were filmed. But more significantly, it is the shooting sight of Winterfell Castle from Game Of Thrones season 1. Look at our happy faces visiting a GoT shooting location.


What a way to cap off the road trip? 3 days, 3 different situations. Entirely adventurous. Best way to retire before the cold, brutal winter set in and the deadlines of submissions started. Oh I wish I can go back again. Well, luckily I did. But you’ll have to wait for Chapter 3 to hear about my most recent account of it. Until then, cheerios lads.


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